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Process and Pricing

Solving the Retirement Income Challenge

Advanced Time Segmentation, a proprietary strategy-driven approach, takes investment principles that were once exclusive to the ultra-wealthy and makes them accessible to everyone.

At its core, we match our client's assets to their income needs. Meaning we lay out a strategy that creates inflation-adjusted income and addresses risk by giving investments time to potentially grow untouched. This approach allocates assets into different time segments based on the period of time those assets are expected to generate income.

Most retirees or soon to be retirees entering their retirement distribution phase of life are looking for stable income and a way to minimize their investment risks. They strive to build a portfolio of investments that can safely generate income for the rest of their lives. By using our proprietary strategy-driven approach that utilizes time to mitigate risk, retirees can feel confident knowing their inflation-adjusted income is planned out well into the future.

Focusing on Your Goals

We help prioritize your goals through goal-based financial planning tools that are easy to use. The platform offers reports such as holistic stress testing and what-if worksheets that help guide you through financial decisions. Additional features include detailed plan analytics to help you gain the control you need. This comprehensive tool offers guidance not only how risk management or allocation comparisons, but you can manage estate planning and health care costs in retirement, too. With our tools we can help you: 

  1. Prioritize your goals
  2. Evaluate your resources
  3. Address risk
  4. Determine if you can fully fund goals
  5. Provide you a confidence meter
  6. Make recommendations
  7. Flexible as life changes

Our Successful Process

Every client relationship begins with a conversation. Together we explore your goals, objectives, risk tolerance, and core values in an effort to get to know you. Being financial planning specialists with a fiduciary first mindset helps enable us to make the most of our time together.

Step 1: Plan Development

At GraniteArch Wealth Management, we discuss your goals (needs, wants and wishes), your comfort level with risk and your timeframe. We also consider family matters, health and other outside influences.

Step 2: Strategy Selection

With the assistance of our two advanced, comprehensive and proprietary financial planning software tools, our years of experience and knowledge, as a team we develop your financial planning strategy. Once complete, we will implement your personalized plan so you can live your life by design, not by default.

Step 3: Client Commitment

By now you have been introduced to our comprehensive approach to financial planning and investing at GraniteArch Wealth Management. The next step is review and sign our client engagement agreement. Once complete, you will have officially become part of the GraniteArch family. Moving forward you can expect our team to work tirelessly to help you pursue your personal and financial goals.

Step 4: Continued Monitoring

We prioritize regularly scheduled progress strategy reviews. Available in person or virtually, we meet with you on a regularly scheduled basis to review your portfolio and update your financial plan.

Menu of Services and Client Pricing

1 These services may incur an additional fee.
2 Full fee disclosure details can be found in the Asset Management Service Agreement. Asset management fees are specific to the management of a client’s portfolio and are separate from any commission.
Maximum advisory fee.  Does not include additional third-party asset manager, platform administration, and/or custodial fees, which vary based on the program.
4 Annual investment advisory fees are billed quarterly and based on the account value at the end of each quarter.
5 Family members may benefit from account balance aggregation to achieve favorable advisory fee breakpoints.
6 In addition to the above, clients pay a Cetera Program Fee and Manager Fee, based on selected investments.
7 AUM under $250,000 has a minimum advisor fee of $3625/year.
8 .50% fee for asset allocation advice on accounts held away from the firm.
 Additional compensation may apply in the form of commissions for purchase of individual stocks, bonds, and through service fees (12b-1) for mutual funds transactions. Fees, charges, and expenses are detailed in the Cetera Advisor Networks LLC's ADV Part 2A. 

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