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While you focus on your business, GraniteArch focuses on your business plan. We take an objective, knowledgeable approach in designing your business strategy, focusing on a fiduciary-first mindset. This results in helpful advice combined with a high level of personal service.

401(k) Plan Benchmarking

Our plan benchmarking service allows a “deep dive” into your 401(k)’s design and structure, providing an in-depth analysis while helping you perform your fiduciary duty as a plan sponsor. Also included in this service are fees and cost comparisons of your plan against other record keepers. These activities result in programs for your employees that offer potentially lower fees and higher returns.

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Retirement Plan Options

We help provide clarity to the various retirement plan options, helping you make sense of 401(k)s, SEP, and SIMPLE IRAs, as well as qualified/non-qualified profit-sharing, and new comparability plans. We work with you to select the plan that makes the most sense for your business and its employees.

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Buy/Sell Agreements

Whether your intent is to leave your business to your family or partners, sell it outright when you’re gone or there was an unexpected death of a partner, our expertise helps you develop an effective buy/sell agreement. Our team works hard to prioritize a seamless cross-purchase or stock-redemption agreement, one that includes all stipulations and requirements, so we can help you avoid potential future problems later on.

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New Business Structure and Business Succession

No matter where you are in your business’s development--just starting out or ready to step away--GraniteArch stands ready to work with you on a start-up structure that fits your needs, or an exit/succession strategy that enables your enterprise to continue long after you’re gone. Depend on us for the know-how to help you find the right framework for your business plans.

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Executive Compensation

GraniteArch’s seasoned staff stands ready to help you develop and maintain an executive compensation plan that keeps your qualified employees in place, while providing a lure for new talent. Tap into our wealth of resources to build a plan that offers excellent non-monetary compensation incentives, including stock plans, health, and retirement benefits, and short- and long-term incentives.

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Key Person Insurance

We can help you find the right key insurance policy to protect you and your company’s operations should your crucial employees or leaders die. This policy can help your business survive the blow of losing the person--or people--who ensure your business’s successful operation.

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Solving the Retirement Income Challenge

Solving the Retirement Income Challenge

Many retirees or pre-retirees entering into financial planning strive toward stability and have an idea of what risk they are comfortable with. As a strategy-driven firm, our team takes this into account by incorporating time-segmented retirement income distribution strategies. This segmentation encourages stability and weighs assets across your portfolio in order to provide clarity, deter risk and account for inflation.

Focusing on Your Goals

Focusing on Your Goals

Life is complicated, but financial tools don’t have to be. Through financial planning tools, we offer a simple, effective way to manage your finances. Easily access all your information in one place. Categorize and prioritize your goals for greater plan visibility and gain greater confidence in its execution. With our tools we can help you:

  1. Prioritize your goals
  2. Evaluate your resources
  3. Address risk
  4. Determine if you can fully fund goals
  5. Provide you a confidence meter
  6. Make recommendations
  7. Flexible as life changes

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