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Solving the Retirement Income Challenge

You Deserve a Strategy for Your Wealth

A successful time-segmented wealth distribution plan is designed to provide confidence for retirees from their 60s and beyond. We lay out a strategy that creates inflation-adjusted income to address risk by giving equities time to potentially grow untouched. 

Client Centered

This approach allocates assets into different time segments based on the period of time when those assets are expected to generate income. We do all of this by implementing a strategy with every portfolio so that time is on your side. 

  • Lifetime Income

    This Segment potentially provides investors with guaranteed income for life and is suitable for conservative investors who believe they have a long life expectancy.

  • Fixed Income

    This Segment is designed to be spent down over 5 to 7 years thus "buying time" for the Balanced Segment to potentially grow. This category is usually invested in safe, sometimes guaranteed, investments.

  • Balanced

    This Segment is a bridge between the Income Segment and Growth Segment. This Segment is designed to replenish the Fixed Income Segment resulting in additional time for your long-term investments to potentially grow.

  • Long-Term Growth

    This Segment is designed for 15-25 years of growth. Since the other Segments have provided time, this Segment is designed to grow untouched for many years.

  • Income & Growth

    This Segment is designed to provide both income and growth for the portfolio over the long-term. This category can include alternative investments. Income generated from this category may be used to supplement income required from the Lifetime Income and Fixed income Categories.

We are a Strategy Driven Practice

We are a Strategy Driven Practice

Most retirees or pre-retirees with a wealth accumulation strategy hunger for stability and are attempting to avoid risk. A strategy-driven firm like ours has adopted an approach to retirement planning that incorporates time segmented retirement income distribution. This is a strategy that aims to provide investors with stability, growth and income through:

1. Creating Lifetime Income
2. Addressing Risk
3. Addressing Inflation

Advanced Time Segmentation Overview

Advanced Time Segmentation is a strategic approach to portfolio design using three-segment, five-category methodology and advanced planning strategies to assist you in selecting the most appropriate investments for your situation.  Using ATS helps you create lifetime income, addresses your risk capabilities and be prepared for inflation.

Focused Goals for Your Desired Lifestyle

We don't use the one-size-fits-all long-term investment plan based on systematic withdrawals. We start your long-term plan with a focus on your desired lifestyle. We focus on keeping up with inflation and providing growth for future income. Our research-driven approach matches your retirement income needs with time-segmented investments so your investments are linked to goals serving their own purpose along a pre-planned timeline. Some investments can provide immediate income while others serve a longer-term growth strategy. Your money is purposely allocated along your time horizon.

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Choose Investments for the Right Time

Our investment strategy seeks to match your assets to your liabilities by organizing your investments so that they can adjust toward whatever life stage you're experiencing. This planning is designed to help adjust to your needs during different periods of your life by adjusting into three segments: current income, future income and long-term growth.

*All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.

Current Income

The money that you need now goes into an “investment” bucket designed to provide immediate funds for retirement.

Future Income

The money that you will need later goes into a second bucket to provide the income you will need adjusted for inflation - in later years.

Long-Term Growth

The money that you’ve designated for the long term, including distributions to your descendants and charitable interests, goes into a third bucket for long-term growth.

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